Niners trade QB Trey Lance to Cowboys for fourth-round pick

Niners trade QB Trey Lance to Cowboys for fourth-round pick

Niners trade QB, Trey Lance

In a surprising turn of events, the San Francisco 49ers have traded their young quarterback, Trey Lance, to the Dallas Cowboys. This unexpected move has sent shockwaves through the NFL community, leaving fans and analysts alike questioning the rationale behind this decision.

A Sudden Trade

News broke on Friday that the 49ers had agreed to trade Trey Lance to the Cowboys in exchange for a 2024 fourth-round pick. This trade marks a significant departure from the 49ers’ initial investment in Lance. Remember, the Niners had traded a hefty package of three first-round picks to the Miami Dolphins in order to secure the third overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, which they used to select Trey Lance.

An Unfulfilled Promise

Lance’s journey in San Francisco has been anything but smooth. Despite the high expectations that surrounded him as the future of the franchise, he found himself facing various challenges that hindered his progress. Over the course of two years, he managed to play in only eight games, a far cry from what was anticipated when he was drafted.

Injuries and Setbacks

Injuries played a significant role in derailing Lance’s path to success. He endured a broken finger and a sprained knee in his rookie season, followed by a more severe ankle injury in the early stages of the 2022 season. These setbacks not only limited his playing time but also prevented him from showcasing his true potential on the field.

Trey Lance
Trey Lance

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A Farewell from San Francisco

The announcement of this trade was accompanied by mixed emotions from the 49ers organization. General manager John Lynch expressed the team’s sentiment, acknowledging that while the investment in Lance didn’t pan out as expected, the young quarterback’s story is far from over. He wished Lance the best in Dallas and conveyed his belief that circumstances, rather than lack of effort, led to this outcome.

Looking Ahead for Trey Lance

The question now is how Trey Lance will integrate into the Dallas Cowboys’ roster. With Dak Prescott firmly established as the starting quarterback, Lance is set to assume the role of the team’s third-string signal-caller. This presents an opportunity for him to learn and develop under the mentorship of experienced players. At only 23 years old, he still has time to evolve and potentially become the player many envisioned him to be.

A Low-Risk Gamble

While the trade might raise eyebrows, it’s important to note that the Cowboys are taking a calculated risk. Acquiring Lance at a relatively low cost allows them to explore his potential without committing significant resources. With a guaranteed salary of $6.25 million over the next two seasons, Lance’s performance will be closely monitored by the Cowboys’ coaching staff.


In the world of professional football, unexpected trades can reshape the course of a player’s career and have a ripple effect on the entire league. The Niners’ decision to trade Trey Lance to the Cowboys highlights the unpredictability of sports and the importance of adaptability in a rapidly changing landscape. As fans eagerly await the next chapter in Lance’s journey, the NFL once again proves that nothing is set in stone.


Why did the 49ers trade Trey Lance?

The trade was influenced by a combination of factors, including Lance’s limited playing time due to injuries and the Cowboys’ interest in acquiring him.

What will be Trey Lance’s role in Dallas?

Lance is expected to serve as the third-string quarterback for the Cowboys, providing him with a learning and developmental opportunity.

Did injuries play a role in Trey Lance’s trade?

Yes, injuries significantly impacted Lance’s playing time and hindered his ability to establish himself as the 49ers’ starting quarterback.

What did the 49ers receive in exchange for Trey Lance?

The 49ers acquired a fourth-round pick in the 2024 NFL Draft from the Dallas Cowboys in exchange for Trey Lance.

Can Trey Lance still fulfill his potential?

Absolutely. At just 23 years old, Lance has ample time to develop and showcase his skills, especially with the Cowboys’ supportive environment.

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